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More About us Whether yours is a growing business, a start-up, or a local small business needing an infusion of great marketing and sales ideas, MyTuvan delivers every time! explore
consulting MYTUVAN HAS EVERYTHING YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO CHART A COURSE TO SUCCESS. More About us From the business plan to start the journey to the branding that will bring decades of loyalty, MyTuvan knows how to grow your business - quickly and sustainably explore consulting MYTUVAN HAS THE DEEP BENCH TO PROVIDE SPECIALIZED WORK PRODUCT TO EVERY BUSINESS.
More About us From the business plan to start the journey to the branding that will bring decades of loyalty, MyTuvan knows how to grow your business - quickly and sustainably explore

Who we are


Affordable, not discount. MYTUVAN was started with a simple commitment: to help startups and small businesses grow into profitable enterprises.

Over the years, we’ve helped scores of business go from confused ideas to ventures with a clear path and a positive bank balance.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, we work with businesses all over the US, delivering the business consultancy, branding, and attention that every business needs to succeed.

Our Goal

MyTuvan was founded to help startup entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level; our central goal is to change our clients’ lives. Our team of expert consultants help you to bridge the gap between an original concept and a thriving business. We exist to help you bring your dreams to fruition.

Our Vision

We believe that no matter how successful you become, there is always room for improvement. At MyTuvan, we are constantly looking for ways to refine our strategies and bring maximum value to our clients. One example of this is an upcoming addition to our business: the Bleu Eden Nail Spa.

Services We Deal With

We’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their ambitions. There’s nothing we love more than hearing a great concept and then asking: “How can we help?”

If you decide to work with us, you’ll have a dedicated team of experts on hand to make your goals into a reality.

MyTuvan means “my consultant”. The team at MyTuvan is exactly that - your personal consultants

We deliver for your business with 4 simple steps:


We look at every aspect of your business to find your USP (unique selling point), your ideal customers, and the branding you’ll need to succeed. We can create the business plan that will guide your business for 3 to five years!


Starting with branding, a logo, and a new corporate personality, MYTUVAN helps you create a brand identity that’s distinct and powerful. We even create a new website if you need it. The goal is to create all of the tools your business needs to succeed.


Our team launches everything with you. We don’t just build it all and leave. We’re part of the launch, creating a team that’s unstoppable. From the first line of your business plan to your first day of real profitability, our team is there to guide the implementation of the business plan.


Once everything is in place, we use everything from customer surveys to Big Data metrics to completely understand what’s working and what’s not. We guarantee success by adjusting and adapting the real world activities of your business plan.

What we do

We Provide Financial Assistance

Business Plans

Too often, small businesses or new entrepreneurs don’t take the time to plan. They find their big idea, but they don’t explore how successful it can be, what steps they need to take, and how they can ensure their business's success. Almost as important, small businesses need a detailed business plan to get funding. At MyTuvan, we’ll create a business plan that will guide your success for years. As a bonus, our plans are detailed enough to allow investors to provide funds for your startup.

Financing and Funding

Every business needs startup capital. Often, that money comes right out of the founder’s pocket. It’s time for a different way! MyTuvan will use our connections and complete business plan to get you excellent financing at terms you can handle. Start out right, with everything you need, by getting the right financing.


Your brand's identity is everything. An instantly recognizable brand is the key to success. At MyTuvan, we will create a complete brand identity, from logo and letterhead to interior design and signage. Our designers know exactly what it takes to make your business stand out.

Web Design

In the 21st century, your face to the world is your website. The team at MyTuvan delivers websites that are perfect for your brand and your customers. The User Experience (UX) is always excellent and our design team innovates and creates the best websites in the world, no matter what your business is. Stake your claim in the digital world; let MyTuvan help you succeed.


There is no success without a plan. We create
a plan that guides your company for years.


From your logo to your website,
rebranding sets your business apart. You’ll look great


One of your biggest expenses is your lease(s).
You need an expert at your side.

Your Business Future

Many business owners try to project into the future without the one thing that makes it realistic: DATA.

At MYTUVAN, we use Big Data, industry expertise, and an understanding of customer behavior to create a brand that sells and business that’s profitable.
We have a deep bench of experts in almost every industry to draw from.
The team at MYTUVAN will:

Write a business plan that guides your business for three to five years

  • Design a functioning website that meets your needs
  • Create a memorable logo and branding story for your business
  • Help you execute the entire project
  • Consult on your commercial leases
Over 30% of businesses fail in the first two years. Don’t fail!
Plan right! Grow well! Make money!


Startups and small local business have a great deal in common:

  • They are usually all potential.
  • They need a clear plan to guide them to growth.
  • Most have no intentional brand identity.
  • Most are run by people expert in the offerings, not building a business.

MyTuvan is the business partner every startup and small business needs

We bring in the expertise.

We’re growth-oriented

We know how to make your business thrive.



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